News and Updates!

Hey Folks,
We’ve got a BUNCH of new features to start rolling out!
I’ll list them here with a little explanation of each one.

1) 2015 Top ten standings are now able to be viewed on the nadac.comsite under the Titles and Awards tab.

This isn’t too exciting since that list has been out for awhile, but the exciting part is that the 2016 Top Ten will be able to go straight to the website and not the forum. Making it a LOT easier to access for everyone. Also with the new page you can search for your dogs name and see where they placed in all the different groups 🙂

2) Hall of Fame updated.
Also now able to view under the Titles and Awards tab.
We did change the layout a bit. It’s not as fancy as before, but the feedback we were getting was that it was so bandwidth heavy that people had a hard time viewing it anyway. So it wasn’t really pretty if you didn’t have a high speed connection. So we sacrificed a little vanity to make it easier to view for everyone.
Another extra bonus is that I can update this one MUCH easier than the old one. So I will be able to get any pictures updated and new entries to the Hall of Fame updated monthly rather than every 6 months.

3) 2015 Team winners now have their own page.
It’s listed under the hall of fame tab on the dropdown.

4) 2016 Team standings can now be viewed online!

The team stuff we’re talking about if you aren’t aware is a competition you can sign up for where you and two other team mates would be competing all year long in three different divisions. Those divisions are shown on the new page which can also be found under Titles and Awards.

5) Awards list.
We now have a full list of all awards you can earn in NADAC and what is needed to earn them! It also includes a little section on Titles and Title abbreviations to help out the new folks who might now understand it too well 🙂

6) Updated Title Checklist.
It has now been updated to include all the current NADAC classes.

7) Video runs tab is now on the site. Along with a link to the forum.


8) Also in case anyone missed it the address for the forum has changed to: 

That should be it, I may have forgotten a couple things as I have been working on all of this the past couple months and my mind is a little crazy right now!
If you notice anything wrong with any of the updates I have listed above please email us at so we can get it fixed.

We hope you all enjoy the new options and we’ll see you at a trial near you!

Chris Nelson

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