Meet the group – Laughing Dog Agility

LDA T-Shirt Front
Group Name:   Laughing Dog Agility
Founded:  October, 2009
Number of NADAC trials held each year:   3
Group special events or get-togethers?  The people who help put on the Laughing Dog Agility trials enjoy visiting with each other and with the out of town people at the trials.  Many new friendships have been formed during these trials.
Any other cool group info you want to include?  Laughing Dog Agility was founded to promote NADAC in the central Alabama area.  There was no NADAC closer than a 3 hour drive, so Laughing Dog Agility wanted to offer people from this area the option to compete in NADAC trials.  We started with 2 trials a year and quickly added a third.  We are very fortunate to have a really nice enclosed horse arena in which to host our trials.  The weather does not affect our trials at all.  Even if it is raining or really cold, we can still hold our trials.  Our trials are lots of fun and we have lots of people who volunteer to help with everything from equipment set up to being ring crew to equipment loading at the end of the trial.  During the past year, Laughing Dog was instrumental in helping found a new NADAC group in Georgia.  We are very excited to have more NADAC in the Southeast and look forward to more groups being formed in the future.
I have included a few pictures to include our logo, which I love.  The idea behind it was to let people know anyone is welcome at Laughing Dog.  Whether you have a purebred dog or a mixed breed dog, you can come have fun with Laughing Dog Agility.
Since we started holding trials a little over 5 years ago, several NATCHes have been earned at our trials.  There is always lots of cheering, tears, smiles, and celebration when a NATCH is earned and there is sure to be some cake shared with everyone!!!!
If you are looking for a fun trial, Laughing Dog Agility invites you to come play with us in Central Alabama,  Y’all come!!!!!
 Kane NATCH 3 Ed & Me


Meet the Club – GotDog?

GotDog?Name of the Club: GotDog? LLC

Location:  Bozeman, MT

 How many years have you been a NADAC club? 6

 How many members are in your club? Nonmember club

How many NADAC trials do you hold a year? 4 plus 2 Beginner Agility trials

 Do you have any classes or training “get togethers”? GotDog? does provide classes year around. Also hosts several seminars during the year as well. During the summer months we host several VT nights.

 Does your club hold any “special” trials? ( like a thanksgiving trial, Easter, etc etc, with special “dress up” stuff or games) I have a 3 day trial during 4th of July and also a 3 day trial during Thanksgiving.

 Do you hold any special events during the year? (fundraising, awards dinners for members, etc.) GotDog? awards Trial Stars at each trial – Nov, Nov Vet, Nov JH, Open, Open Vet, Elite, and Elite Vet. Special medals were made and purchased for these awards. During the year points are tallied and the Top 15 teams are posted on the website. At the last trial of the year our GotDog? SUPER Star and Star winner are awarded with a big ribbon and an engraved plate plus a free entry for the Super Star and a half entry for the Star teams. It is based on Q pts. so any level of team could win. It really is fun and we always have different teams win each year. On our website we post pictures of the winners.

Why the name; GotDog? I wanted a name that was fun and easy to say and remember. It is derived after the slogan “Got Milk?” Figured…. Got a Dog? You need agility! Hence… GotDog? Need Agility! A good friend created the logo.

 Anything else? Throughout the year GotDog? also posts Opinion Polls on the website. It is amazing the great honest feedback you get when people can be anonymous. After the hits seem to stop the polls are closed and the results are emailed to the Montana yahoo groups. The polls are also left on the site with all the answers if anyone is ever interested in going back to read them.

Meet the Club – Haute Dawgs Agility Group

Haute Dawgs Agility Group in a Sacramento area club. We host 3 NADAC trials and 6 other venue trials throughout the year. The club was founded in 1994 and we still have several of the founding members and “old-timers” with the club. The club was one of the first NADAC clubs and our first NADAC trial was held on July 9-10, 1995. We are looking forward to our 20 year anniversary and we will be planning a 20th anniversary NADAC trial in 2015! We currently have 55 members.

We host our NADAC trials at the WAG facility in Elk Grove during the winter season – December, January and March. For the past two years we have included Friday EGC days with the trials.

Our club donates 33% of the proceeds from each trial to animal-related non-profit organizations. Over the past 5 years we donated approximately $20,000 to various groups, including local SPCA’s, Morris Animal Foundation and UC Davis Center for Companion Health (Cancer studies). Last year we donated $8,000 in total and hope to be able to increase that amount during 2013. We host an annual awards luncheon to recognize members and their dogs’ achievements.

Our December trial is an annual fundraiser for Toys for Tots, inspired by Ron Young and his trial out east. We have raised thousands of dollars from donations and raffles and donated many boxes of toys donated by exhibitors. The Marines come out on Sunday morning to perform the color guard and collect the donations.


Our January trial features a game with prizes for exhibitors – after asking them to donate in December we try to provide some fun. For the last few years we have played “Spin to Win” – if your dog’s time ends in a double digit or the last two digits of your birth year, you get to spin for exciting prizes such as toys, free entries and the perennial favorite, poop bags.

In March we typically conduct a pet food drive for the Sacramento Pet Food Bank or SPCAs who collect food for those who are having a tough time making ends meet.

The club website is

These are some of the original jump standards used at Haute Dawgs’ trials: