Video Tape (VT) Program – Update

NADAC’s Video Tape (VT) Program is gaining in popularity and growing by leaps and bounds! We are very excited about the program and thrilled that it is exceeding our expectations, and filling a need for many of our exhibitors and clubs.

More and more people are getting together and hosting VT “events”. Clubs are putting together VT runs in the evenings, for class graduations and on weekends where there are no trials.

Individuals who are restricted by budget constraints, or those with dogs who do not do well with the hustle and bustle of a regular trial, and those who live in remote areas with minimal opportunities to travel can earn qualifying points toward titles via videos of their runs.

While VT runs are a wonderful opportunity for people to run their dogs with special needs, such as fear, space issues or aggressive tendencies, it is important to note that dogs who are on probation or banned from attending NADAC events, may not participate in the VT program.

Becky Woodruff